Annual Meeting Update

At the annual meeting we did not meet our quorum. The Board held a meeting and the following members are part of the Board for 2018.

  1. President – Tina Rowland
  2. Vice president – Evan Eisenberg
  3. Treasure – Eric Greenberg

The following members are part of the ACC(Architectural Control Committee)

  1. Tina Rowland
  2. Evan Eisenberg
  3. Jeanne Jaffe

As the new year approaches we are looking into several community projects and will be looking for inputs from our members.

We are also looking to add some changes to our Documents. To make certain changes for the community, it will require home owner’s to vote. So if you want things changed for our community, please take a stand and vote. We can’t make things happen without you.

We want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year.

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