Board Meeting 1/24/2019 6pm

We will be having a Board meeting January 24, 2019 at 6pm. Location will be pool-side under the pavilion.

The proposed agenda:

1. Board will be voting to amend rules in our document. If approved we will mail the changes to all home owners and hold a member meeting for a vote. We will post the date of that meeting as soon as it is set. We ask that if you are unable to make the member meeting that you please you send in your Proxy that will be included in the mailing. Please remember we are a Home Owner Association. We cannot make changes to help our community without you.

2. We will be going over what color to Repaint the Pavilion and possibly the front entrance signs

3. Will be meeting with the ACC Committee to approve home colors for the HOA.

4. We will be looking to make a decision on new lighting at the front entrance

5. We will be looking to make a decision on new landscaping at the front entrance and the pool.

6. Any other items permitted to discuss by law.

Colors at Rainbow Lakes HOA, Inc

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