Hurricane Cleanup

Hurricane Cleanup


As you may have notices the large plies of tree debris in our neighborhood. The county is currently working on getting it picked up but they are behind. They ask that if you have a piles please do not put anything else with it or they will pass your home buy, this includes any other large items that you want picked up. The piles must only be from plants and trees. If you bagged anything up, that must be separate as well. We did consider a private company to pick it up but the prices are so high right now and will cost us from $8,000 to $10,000. So, we ask that you please be patient and try to organize your piles for the county to pick up. If you need more information their number is 561-640-0000.

We are also working on getting the shade umbrellas at the pool repaired and any debris out of the lakes. Please keep in mind that even though we did not get that much damage, the places that did are receiving repairs and cleanups first. Other companies know that and are up-charging on the services.

I will also place updates on the If you have not signed up you might want to check it out. It is a free sight that helps keep the neighbors in contact with each other.

There will be a notice sent out soon about our annual meeting which will be in November. Please look out for the notice in your mailbox.

Thank you

Tina Rowland

President, HOA Colors

Colors at Rainbow Lakes HOA, Inc

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