July 2016

The Community Voice – Colors at Rainbow Lakes

Letter From The President

Hello Neighbors –

I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer! This newsletter provides an update on what’s been happening in our community. More information is contained in this issue below.

As we work together to build a closer-knit community, we need volunteers for the various events that we are working on throughout the year. Stay tuned to the website, or subscribe with your email address, for updates on future events and how you can get involved.

The board has been working diligently to keep our community looking clean and to keep our home values up. Please continue to do your part and keep your property clean not only for your neighbors, but for our community as a whole. We are conducting walk-throughs on a regular basis. If you are not familiar with our Community Guidelines you can download them here.

– Dacia Miller, President

Vote Results – Playground Update

Recently the board asked for your feedback in an informal vote regarding an upgrade to the playground area. The majority of homeowners who voted requested that we hold off on upgrading the playground area at this time. We evaluated the playground for safety and made minor improvements to the fall zone, including a border, in order to keep compliant with state regulations. We installed a new bench to replace a worn out bench as well. The playground area is now safe and functional and complies with all sate and county regulations.

Basketball Court

In addition to the minor playground updates, we also resurfaced the Basketball Court to remedy the cracking asphalt. We also continue to replace worn out nets when needed and keep the recreation area in general clean and free of debris.

Please be mindful to pick up any trash before you exit the recreation area and do your part to keep our community clean.

Hurricane Preparations

A reminder to all homeowners to be sure that your trees are trimmed in preparation for hurricane season. Also please keep any debris from entering the storm drains on the street as they need to be clear in case of flooding brought on by a storm.

A Few Reminders

When Walking Dogs

Please be respectful of private property in our neighborhood. Dogs should only be walked along common property and not be taken up into your neighbors private property. This includes passthroughs between houses to reach the lake area. We have several common areas that can be used to reach the lake area.

Regarding ALL Commercial Vehicles

We want to remind you that commercial vehicles are not allowed in our neighborhood as a take-home vehicle. Commercial vehicles include, but are not limited to, any vehicle that has commercial signage or lettering, ladder racks with ladders, etc. According to the master regulations for our entire Rainbow Lakes development, including us here in Colors, ALL commercial vehicles are prohibited as a take-home vehicle.

Regarding ANY Exterior Change to Your Home

A reminder that ANY change to the exterior of your home, including new paint, repainting, new roofs, driveways, fences, etc. require the homeowner to submit an Architectural Approval Form. This form can be downloaded from the Contact area of the Colors website here, or by calling our Property Manager
, Brent Theriault, at 561-733-5550 or 
brent@gsmproperties.com Failure to submit an Architectural Approval Form may result in action taken by the board to require the removal of installations, repainting or resurfacing at the homeowners expense.

Important phone numbers & contact information:

Property Manager
Brent Theriault, Gulfstream Management Services
561-733-5550 (phone)
561-423-3143 (fax)

Animal Control


Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

*If there is a street light out in your area, please call FPL and provide the address, or log it online, they will fix it quickly.

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