November 2014

The Community Voice – Colors at Rainbow Lakes

Letter From The President

Hello Neighbors –

I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler fall weather. We had a good turnout for the annual Halloween parade and many homes participated in the Halloween Decoration Contest. Congratulations to the proud winners. Thank you for getting involved in your community, it’s another way of getting to know your neighbors and participating during this fun time of the year.

As we work together to build a closer-knit community, we need volunteers for the various events that we are working on throughout the year. Stay tuned to the website, or subscribe with your email address, for updates on future events and how you can get involved.

Our Holiday Lights and Decorations contest is fast approaching, more information is contained in this newsletter below.

We all want to live in a clean and desirable community – thank you for doing your part to keep our neighborhood a great place to live. 

– Dacia Miller, President

Volunteers Needed

We are assembling a team to put up the holiday lights at our front entrance. If you would like to volunteer, please fill out the contact form on the website by November 15th.

Exterior Changes Need Approval

A reminder that ANY change to the exterior of your home, including new paint, repainting, new roofs, driveways, fences, etc. require the homeowner to submit an Architectural Approval Form. This form can be downloaded from the Contact area of the Colors website here, or by calling our Property Manager
, Brent Theriault, at 561-733-5550 or

Cable Contract Update

The board is close to finalizing a new contract for cable services with Comcast. After reviewing all of our options, Comcast has agreed to provide the same level of service and will include several upgrades for all homes. Due to our negotiations, the Board is happy to report that we will not have to increase your HOA fees at this time. More details and specific upgrade instructions will be announced soon. Stay tuned to the website for this important information.

Front Entrance Fountains

We have experienced some problems with the fountains over the past few months. We have identified the issues that caused the fountains to clog, and the Board has decided to upgrade the fountains to work more efficiently and reduce the amount of maintenance required. This upgrade will be completed well before the holidays.

Annual Community Yard Sale

Save the date for our annual community yard sale. Plan to participate on Saturday, December 6th from 7 am – 12 Noon. We will be advertising this in the local newspaper as well as online outlets. This is a great time to clean out clutter and prepare for the upcoming holidays.

Holiday Lights & Decorations Contest

Each year, our community is known for spectacular lights and decorations during the holidays. The judging will take place on Wednesday, December 17th. Show us your holiday spirit!

Important phone numbers & contact information:

Property Manager
Brent Theriault, Gulfstream Management Services
561-733-5550 (phone)
561-423-3143 (fax)

Animal Control


Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

*If there is a street light out in your area, please call FPL and provide the address, or log it online, they will fix it quickly.

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